This blog is for those who love breakfast and/or brunch and would like insight into some of the best places in the United States.  I’ve had the great fortune of visiting many places in the country and also the world.  When I travel I love to visit the best breakfast and brunch places.  This blog only has the best of the best.  If you think Cracker Barrel is good eating then keep reading.  I hope this blog wets your palate and makes you reconsider what you think is good food.  Visit each of the pages, listed by region, to see the best breakfast and brunch restaurants that I have found.

We all need food so why not make the most of it and eat good food?


You may notice that some regions are poorly represented but that is not necessarily because I have only been to a few places; however it is due to the lack of memorable places.  Yes, Atlanta and Birmingham I am talking about you.  

The two places I visit the most are full of substandard breakfast places, with the exception of the ones mentioned.  However, I can not attack Birmingham because what it lacks in breakfast and brunch it more than compensates with barbecue and other standard southern fare.  Jim and Nicks is the best thing that ever happened to Birmingham and then the owners gave me Big Bad Breakfast.  They are amazing.

French Toast at The Henry at the Cosmopolitan (with an extra piece of bread).