Miss Shirley’s – Baltimore, MD Inner Harbor

Miss Shirley’s is a restaurant that feature a new twist on old favorites like Chicken and Waffles, Shrimp and Grits, Pancakes, French Toast, and many other staples.  I purchased the Chicken and Waffles.  The Chicken and Waffles come with cheddar and chives mini waffles and a “Peppadew-Jalapeño Butter,” however I purchased the regular belgian mini waffles and had the cheddar and chives mini waffles on the side and both were fantastic.  They also use pure maple syrup, which is a plus.  The food was fantastic, but what sold me was the fact that it was a restaurant that could actually work for my whole family.  My son is allergic to eggs and dairy, so pancakes are hard to find when we eat out.  However, Miss Shirley’s has gluten free, dairy free, and egg free pancakes.  My son had his first pancake and loved it!

Junior’s Restaurant in Times Square, NYC

Junior’s is a famous hot spot located in Time’s Square in Manhattan, NYC.  The restaurant is very good, however it is a bit of a tourist trap.  The prices are higher at peak times for the same amount of food so beware and go as early as possible if you want to save money.  The French Toast was very good.  My husband loved his pancakes.  The food was so good that we decided to go back the next day.  While it is a tourist trap as far as prices are concerned, the taste backs up the high prices.


Green Eggs Cafe – Philadelphia, PA

The Green Eggs Cafe is an fantastic little spot in Philadelphia.  The restaurant is a cash-only establishment and very small but it is totally worth it.  The restaurant had a long wait the two times we visited but I was happy to wait.  The food was fantastic.  The eggs Benedict, French Toast, eggs, potatoes, and pancakes are all fantastic.  The restaurant is very small so pack light.  I went when I was pregnant and it was a bit tight.  However, no matter what I highly recommend this restaurant.

Deluca’s Diner – Outside of Pittsburgh, PA

Deluca’s is a place I found on Yelp in Robinson Township near the Pittsburgh airport.  They have all of the standard fare, however they also have Chicken and Waffles.  The chicken is just a breaded chicken breast on a basic Belgian waffle.  While the food is not the best I’ve ever had it is the best I’ve had in Pittsburgh and I have spent many nights in Pittsburgh, PA.  I’ve had some good food there but this is definitely the best breakfast.  The pancakes are very good and my husband was pleased with the eggs, bacon, and potatoes.


Cedar Street Grill – Sturbridge, MA

Cedar Street Grill may be the best restaurant I’ve eaten at in all of the Northeast.  The food here is simply fantastic.  I ate the Chicken and Waffles and I was dreaming about them for a week.  I was staying in Boston and I met someone in Sturbridge, MA for brunch.  I found this place online and it was simply fantastic.  My husband ate the steak and potatoes and he enjoyed hem as well.  I cannot wait to go back to Boston simply to make the drive to Sturbridge for some Chicken and Waffles.

Paramount – Boston, MA

If you’re in Boston and want a good meal, I have to recommend Paramount.  Paramount is a restaurant where you stand in line and make your order and watch them make your food to order.  The food is fantastic and you know its fresh.  I highly recommend it, not just because it tastes good but because of the experience.  I believe everyone should visit Paramount if you are in Boston.  I will be back, after I go to Cedar Street Grill, that is.

Lagom (Formerly Laurrapin) – Havre de Grace, MD

This restaurant has a new name but it has the same chef and is just as good as it used to be.  They have amazing shrimp and grits.  The shrimp and grits is an appetizer but if you want it as a meal they will serve it to you as a meal.  They also have Chicken and Waffles with a Chipotle Maple Syrup.  I was initially turned off by the Chipotle Maple Syrup but as soon as I dipped my fork in it I was sold.  I highly recommend this restaurant.  It was featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” for good reason.  This place is gooooood!!!!

Falls Manor – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

While this is not in the United States, Falls Manor is a fantastic restaurant in Niagara Falls that sells breakfast all day.  The French Toast and Pancakes are truly scrumptious.  I asked where to go for good breakfast in Niagara Falls when I was doing some work there  one week and everyone in the room said “you have to go Falls Manor.”  The restaurant does not even use pure Canadian Maple Syrup and it is still the most highly recommended place in Niagara Falls for breakfast or Brunch.  It is soooo good and the people are so nice.  If you are in Niagara Falls you have to go here.  It is not that close to the Falls but it is still worth it.  Its only a couple of miles out.

Sweetcheeks Q – Boston, MA

Sweetcheeks Q is not a breakfast or brunch restaurant, however it is a barbecue joint located near Fenway Park in Boston.  The restaurant has by far the best biscuits money can buy.  If you are craving a biscuit, you have to go to Sweetcheeks Q.  Sweetcheeks is now a place I visit on my first day in Boston every time I visit.  I’ve only been three times so far but that number is going to continue to grow the more time I spend in Boston.

The Friendly Toast –  Portsmouth, NH (just outside of Kittery, ME)

The Friendly Toast is a great restaurant I discovered while visiting New England recently.  I chose the restaurant for its vegan and vegetarian offerings.  I am not a vegan, however I have a child with milk and egg allergies so most breads, and other things, that he consumes must be vegan.  This restaurant was simply fantastic.  The vegan pancakes were amazing.  The French Toast (not vegan) were phenomenal.  Everything we ate was amazing.  The restaurant was so good that we went twice.  The Biscuits and Gravy were phenomenal, they come with a lot more than shown, but they were still amazing as I ate them.  My husband ordered the hamburger on the second trip and said it was amazing.

The service was also outstanding.  One of the days I went was a Wednesday which was kids eat free day, which made it much better for my wallet.  I also must note the decor.  The restaurant is very eclectic and full of random toys.  It was a great place to keep my son interested.  I really enjoyed this restaurant and will go back if I’m in the area again.

Also, to make things even more awesome they have pure maple syrup.

The Golden Egg – Portsmouth, NH (Near Kittery,  ME)

Just on the edge of Portsmouth, NH near the small city of New Castle, NH, a small island on the Atlantic Ocean, is the Golden Egg.  The restaurant is a small restaurant that you could  miss if you blink but it is the one restaurant that is listed as the top restaurant in the restaurant.  The restaurant is very good, not quite as good as the Friendly Toast, but still very good.  I was staying nearby and I was able to visit it on our way to nearby Maine.  The restaurant has a great staff.  The staff made us feel like they have always known us and they also made all the food quickly and since it is so small you knew that it would be made to order and made correctly.

We ordered the French Toast, eggs, bacon, and my husband’s standard hamburger.  The food was fantastic.  The only knock is that they do not offer pure maple syrup.  However, the food was amazing and if we are back in the area we will definitely be back.

Tucker’s – Concord, NH

I went to Tucker’s, a restaurant located in Concord, NH (with other locations around the state), and I immediately saw someone from my flight which landed two hours away.  When we recognized each other we both knew that we had made a good decision.  The restaurant was highly recommended online and was simply amazing.  The restaurant looked like an old house, because it is, and is perfectly located on a busy corner in Concord, not far from the state capital.

So when we arrived we had been traveling since around 4:00 and it was noon so we were starving looking for a great meal.  Google, sent us there and we ordered our staples, French Toast, eggs, bacon, toast, more bacon, sausage, potatoes, and coffee.  The food was simply amazing.  The food was so good that we were disappointed that we were only passing through and would not return to Concord during our journey.  Everything we ate was amazing.

One other positive thing of note, the restaurant takes food allergies so seriously that the manager handles the meals and personally brings them out separately from the other foods.

Brasserie JO – Boston, MA

While this blog is about good food, and does not include every breakfast place that I have visited, I have to give Brasserie JO a dishonorable mention.  I went there once while I was in Boston and was thoroughly disappointed.  The food was not bad but it was not good either.  It was supposed to be French, but other than the pictures of the Arc de Triumphe and Eiffel Tower, it wasn’t very French.  I did eat the French Toast but that is not a traditional French breakfast item.  I love French Toast so of course I ate them, but I was not pleased with this restaurant.  If given the opportunity, I will not return to Brasserie JO.  I also do not recommend you visit it either.  Not that it is bad, there are just too many other restaurants in Boston so waste your time at Brasserie JO.