Perry’s – San Francisco, CA

Perry’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the country.  The restaurant is located across from the Bay Bridge on the Embarcadero.  It is attached to a hotel.  My husband and I were immediately hooked when we first ate there a few years ago.  The challah French Toast are the best I’ve ever had.  My husband thought the omelet was phenomenal.  The eggs are amazing as is everything else we’ve tried.  If you are in the San Francisco area I highly recommend eating at Perry’s.

Portage Bay Cafe – Seattle, WA

Portage Bay Cafe is a great little restaurant in Downtown Seattle, WA.  The restaurant had a ridiculous wait each time we went so since we learned they take reservations we went that route the second time.  It is amazing.  The French Toast are very fluffy,  but a little sweet.  The sweetness was not overpowering because I ate it two days in a row.  They have a toppings bar to put whatever  you want on your French Toast, Pancakes, or waffles.  My husband also said the coffee was outstanding .  Everything was so good that we made our next reservation while we were still there.

Stacks – San Francisco, CA

I am questioning how I made it out of Stacks without pictures of my food.  I have none yet but I hope that changes in the not to distant future.  The thing I like the most about Stacks is the vibe.  It has an old feel but yet very classically modern with hippie types on the inside.  The place is simply awesome. They have mammoth pancakes.  The French Toast is outstanding.  The eggs are great and so is everything else.  I highly recommend Stacks if you’re in the Bay Area.

My first time there was on the date of the Bay To Breakers run so I had to wait in line for the restaurant behind a banana.  That may have played a role in why I have no pictures.  The second time I simply forgot.

Just For You Cafe – San Francisco, CA

Just For You Cafe, is a restaurant located in San Francisco, CA.  I stumbled across it based on the reviews on Google.  The restaurant was very good, better than advertised.  I arrived after a long morning of travel to San Francisco and it was the closest place with a good rating not too far from the airport and in the direction of the Embarcadero.   The restaurant has a really good vibe with eclectic decorations.

The food is very good.  The next time I arrive at the San Francisco Airport during breakfast or lunch hours it will definitely be my first stop.  I purchased the chicken and waffles for my breakfast and they were great.  The waitress told me that they were using the chicken breast and some patrons were reluctant to eat the breast because it can by dry, however mine was moist and seasoned well.  The breakfast potatoes were also seasoned very well  and quite good.  My son loved the French fries and chicken tenders.  The eggs were also very good.  I ordered the shrimp and grits to go for my breakfast the next day and they were good.  The grits were cheesy and good, however there could have been more sauce.  I highly recommend this restaurant.

Neal’s Coffee Shop – Burlingame, CA

I was torn about whether to add Neal’s Coffee Shop to the blog because it is not the best restaurant near San Francisco, and likely not one I will go to unless I am staying near the airport, but I added it because of simply that.  If I am staying in Burlingame near the San Francisco Airport I will undoubtedly go to Neal’s Coffee Shop.  I went there immediately after arriving from an international flight so some good food that was more of what I was used to was needed at the time.  I used my good friends, Yelp and Google, and I discovered Neal’s Coffee Shop.  I had not had a meal in 18 hours so I ordered the waffles and French toast and both were good.  It was a solid meal, that was quick and likely the best I could have gotten in the area.  I thought about going to another place called          the Original Max’s, which is also good, but this was a better choice.  With that being said, if you’re staying at an airport hotel near San Francisco, I highly recommend Neal’s Coffee Shop.