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The best brunch in America, in my opinion, is located at Chicago q on Chicago’s Gold Coast.  The food is simply amazing, at all times of the day but the brunch is simply phenomenal.  The biscuits are amazing and cooked with something like a pimento cheese and coated with honey.  They arrive piping hot and they melt in your mouth.  The chicken and waffles are the best I have ever had.  I have tried to recreate them and, despite coming close, I cannot reproduce those waffles.  The chicken is superb and remind me of my days growing up in the South.  The homemade chips and pickles are so good you may be hungry before your food arrives.  I have had a lot of breakfast and brunch, but from everything to the eggs, bacon, and waffles to the dinner selections of mashed potatoes, salmon, or tuna, this restaurant is the best of the best.

The award for the best of the best was Brunch, located in Chicago, IL.  Brunch was such an amazing restaurant with the best breakfast money can buy.  The restaurant was packed every time we visit: rain, snow, sleet, ice, sunny weather, it does not matter.  The place was known for everything but the Chicken and Waffle Bites are what sold us on this restaurant.  This restaurant no longer exists, but the page is still here as an ode to those restaurants gone that were amazing.  I hope it comes back to grace us with the wonder that it once did.

This restaurant was victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was one of the many places to close that were simply phenomenal.  I truly miss this restaurant and hope that someway it comes back.